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Welcome everyone as you visit the web home of Open Heart Ministries… where we have a heart to connect people intimately with God and to help local churches / households of faith, build local ministry centres (Apostolic Hubs) to release the people of God into the more…


Why not have a look at our Restoration Centre Website where you can find out a bit more about what we are doing in Bundaberg and the nation at present…  Check it out at

These ministry centres / hubs can be in conjunction with a local church that have a similar heart beat, and desires to walk relationally together, or as a new work where there is need as we believe that the ‘face’ of church needs to change going forward.  There is a cry going up from many places that has reached God’s heart and our hearts are to respond to that call wherever that may be.

There is a call to rise up into all that God has for His people, a call to come out of the hiding places and shine and a call to be free to worship Him with our lives… will you answer the call??????

We believe that there is a move upon the earth which is a response by the Holy Spirit to a cry ‘There must be more’.  We aim to connect people with like-minded believers that want the more in God

We are excited about what God is doing in these days.  These days are days of change, and we like many others are being positioned and aligned by Father for what He is doing.  As we press in, our hearts desire is to be open to what the Holy Spirit is bringing forth in these days as we see Jesus magnified.  In the words of David ‘Our hearts follow hard after God’.

The days of just getting on the treadmill of doing church week to week without little if any change is over.  It is time for the people of God to arise and fulfill their purpose and destiny in God.

Open Heart Ministries exists for the following…

  • to see peoples heart open to God and each other
  • to see His Kingdom come and each person equipped and released to fulfill Gods purpose and destiny for their life, in connection with each other
  • to bless and encourage other church families/households in the Kingdom

We pray a renewed intimacy with the Lord for you, an increase in revelation, greater fellowship with the Spirit and a greater love for one another.  These are exciting days in which to be alive.  You were born for such a time as this!  Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Thanks for all your support and prayers and again, keep coming back to this site for the news to come…


Tim & Bonny Lunnon

Open Heart Ministries

2017 - It's time to be intentional: It's time to be intentional. Make 2017 a year where you are intentional about growing in God, building relationships AND seeing His Kingdom come through you in your local area. Don't sit back!!!Blessings

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