I have been thinking lately just how many books there are out there today…. So many different views, opinions and perspectives on the same thing, and often there is an AND rather than a this or that BUT….
I feel to share, be careful that you do not end up following a person and their teaching rather than the One from whom all revelation comes forth.  He wants you to come to Him and receive fi…rst hand revelation as you seek His face and spend time in His Word.  We are all open to extremism in some area and by spending time this way with Him, we have placed a guard.
In closing…. I wonder thus, how many Christians spend the majority of their reading time in books by others rather than THE Book.  Please don’t hear me wrong, I read books and love the confirmation of revelation that comes forth, as we learn from others etc… But there is no substitute to seeking the face of the Lord and spending time with Him. Be blessed… He is wanting to bring forth first hand revelation to you today… Be open.

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